Emily + Eric | Lakeside Engagement Session | Flathead Valley, Montana

I always feel so honored that I have the opportunity to work with really amazing people in this world -  couples that are madly in love, that value marriage and commitment, and who value photography as a way to capture their moments together. Emily and Eric are no different! These two are my kind of people. They love the outdoors, are down to earth, friendly, and there's no doubt that they adore each other... we even like the same baby names!

Halie + Ilya | Spring Maternity Session | Bitterroot Valley, Montana

When you're pregnant, you put out a lot of baby vibes, and I'm no different. In return, baby vibes have been coming back to me with more bump session requests than normal - which I LOVE! 

Halie and Ilya took me up to a gorgeous piece of their family ranch overlooking the Bitterroots for their session. Ilya took great care in driving two very pregnant women up an extremely rough road as gently as he could, doing his very best to not put anyone into labor. He succeeded! 

Tabitha + Spencer | Snowy Maternity Session | Lake Como, Montana

You know what's a little more fun than being pregnant with a darling little baby? Being pregnant and due just a month apart from one of your best friends! Tabitha and I spent just about every waking moment together in High School. In fact, she's sending me embarrassing photos from those glory years as I speak...

What To Expect When I'm Expecting | Stella Kelsie Photography

I can't believe it's almost time to welcome our newest addition to our family! Our baby boy has already spent a little over 33 weeks growing inside me, and the time has FLOWN BY. It feels like just yesterday that I was packing my gear into my car, headed to photograph the first of two weddings that weekend in August, still in shock that the test I took that morning told me I was pregnant....

Vianna + Derick | Wedding Couple Portraits | Bitterroot Valley, Montana

I was so excited when she contacted me about doing some bridal portraits of her and her new hubby, Derick. We went out to Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge and enjoyed the perfect sunset light (and maybe a few billion mosquitos)! 

When I asked Vianna how she met Derick, she said "Well, he pretty much slept with all of my brothers..." Then she laughed, and explained that Derick and her brothers

Tabitha + Spencer | Anniversary Session | Corvallis, Montana

These two sweethearts have a very special place in my heart, Tabitha has only been my best friend since High School after all! I was thrilled to have them all the way from Pennsylvania to stay with Trever and I for a few days, and of course we had to spend a portion of an evening getting them in front of the camera for some photos ;)

Spencer is from Pennsylvania, Tabitha is from Montana, but they met in Oregon! Tabitha was going to school out in Coos Bay, where Spencer was

Jamie + Drew | Sunrise Couple's Session | Holland Lake, Montana

I'm the type of person that likes to see new places any chance I can, but there are a few pieces of heaven that I can visit over and over again without any complaints. Holland Lake is definitely one of those places. It's a lovely spot nestled at the base of the Swan Range, home to only two quiet camp areas, a handful of private residences, Holland Lake Lodge, and a roaring waterfall at it's head...