LaRee | Class of 2017 | Corvallis High School

I'm getting old.

I remember when LaRee was a tiny little thing, running down the hallway laughing hysterically because she had her sister's underwear on her head... anyone that's reading this and knows her, knows that this was a normal occurrence in her household when she was a little girl!  

LaRee is heading into her senior year at Corvallis High School, and has grown out of wearing underwear as a hat ;) She's as beautiful as ever, has an awesome sense of humor, a smile that lights up a room, and such great style! How cute is that dress and those boots? 

We decided to do part of her senior session in a field near her house, and part of it in the alleyways of downtown Hamilton. I loved having a mix of the two different feels - so fun to change it up in one sitting! 

I'm sure LaRee will rock her senior year! She works so hard and has a good head on her shoulders - the world better watch out, she is on her way to accomplish some amazing things in her lifetime!