Katie + Dan | Mountain Engagement Session | Skalkaho Falls, Montana

Katie and Dan are so refreshing to be around. Their love is so comfortable, full of laughter and ease! They weren't afraid to just be them, and that's all I ever want to see as a photographer!

We decided to head up to Skalkaho Falls for their engagement session, a place that is near and dear to their hearts and mine. I grew up driving over Skalkaho Pass every summer with my family, on our way to

Hannah + Nick | Romantic Montana Engagement | Montana Wedding Photographer

It was such a lovely evening hanging out with Hannah and Nick for their engagement session! The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold, and the two of them had a natural chemistry that was so fun to photograph. They weren't afraid to laugh and flirt with each other, something I love to see in the couple's I work with! 

We took a short hike up to an area I've never taken any clients. There's sage brush all over (one of my favorites!) and these gorgeous rocks that stand tall from the ground. Hannah's dress was so romantic with the swooped low back, I couldn't get enough of photographing it!...

The Importance of the Engagement Session | Montana Wedding Photography

I always look forward to this time of year when the weather gets a little warmer, things get a little greener, and people are just all the way around happier folks to be around. Springtime also means that wedding season is just around the corner - and engagement session season is, like, tomorrow!...

Emily + Eric | Lakeside Engagement Session | Flathead Valley, Montana

I always feel so honored that I have the opportunity to work with really amazing people in this world -  couples that are madly in love, that value marriage and commitment, and who value photography as a way to capture their moments together. Emily and Eric are no different! These two are my kind of people. They love the outdoors, are down to earth, friendly, and there's no doubt that they adore each other... we even like the same baby names!

What To Expect When I'm Expecting | Stella Kelsie Photography

I can't believe it's almost time to welcome our newest addition to our family! Our baby boy has already spent a little over 33 weeks growing inside me, and the time has FLOWN BY. It feels like just yesterday that I was packing my gear into my car, headed to photograph the first of two weddings that weekend in August, still in shock that the test I took that morning told me I was pregnant....

Holly + Greg | Snowy Engagement | Missoula, Montana

I remember sitting down with Holly at Cafe Dolce at our very first meeting to chat all things wedding, and instantly falling in love with her happy, down-to-earth personality (and her super beautifully unique engagement ring!!). I couldn't wait for the snow to come to finally meet her fiancé, Greg, and get the two of them in front of my lens! Winter took a while to make it's appearance around here...

Kristin + Michael | Glacier National Park Proposal | Many Glacier, Montana

Kristin and I met in 2013 at Rocky Mountain School of Photography. We were in the same group for the Summer Intensive course, and instantly hit it off! After spending almost every spare moment together in class, shooting outside of class, and going out for dinner and drinks, I guess you could say that we ended up pretty darn close. ;)

Kristin fell in love with Montana, and decided to come back to assist at RMSP for two different summers...

Kym + Ryan | Lakeside Engagement Session | Lake Como, Montana

I was so excited to hear that they wanted to go for a little hike for their photos. They hardly batted an eye when the destination location I had in mind ended up being further than I thought. We had so much fun just chatting and enjoying the scenery of Lake Como

Jamie + Drew | Sunrise Couple's Session | Holland Lake, Montana

I'm the type of person that likes to see new places any chance I can, but there are a few pieces of heaven that I can visit over and over again without any complaints. Holland Lake is definitely one of those places. It's a lovely spot nestled at the base of the Swan Range, home to only two quiet camp areas, a handful of private residences, Holland Lake Lodge, and a roaring waterfall at it's head...

Kalyn + Brian | Country Engagement Session | Bitterroot Valley, Montana

With a twinkle in her eye that lasted the whole evening, Kalyn said she knew Brian was "bad news" when she first saw him driving his truck in high school. They had no idea that that first flirty interaction they had with each other would eventually lead to Brian watching Kalyn open...

Brandy + Matt | Bridger Canyon Engagement | Bozeman, Montana

Brandy and Matt have known each other since their elementary days - they grew up in the same small town, went to the same schools, and ran in the same circle of friends. They became a couple in 8th grade, and what was a middle school crush then, quickly turned into high school sweethearts. He was handsome football player that every girl would end up having a crush on at some point, and she was the beautiful girl that was always friendly to everyone she talked to. They were that couple that was meant to be, who everyone in our high school, at least that I knew, was rooting for. 

Lake McDonald Engagement | Glacier National Park, Montana | Lauren + Joe

When Lauren and I met up for coffee to chat about her and Joe's engagement session, she told me about their story, what brought them to Montana, and what they enjoyed doing together. They loved hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, and pretty much everything outdoors. They also had a puppy-dog! The feel she wanted in her photos: big mountains, little couple. Location: Glacier National Park. 

In other words, this engagement session would be amazing.

Sunrise Engagement Session | Island Park, Idaho | Kaylie + Brayden

When Kaylie contacted me about doing her and Brayden's engagement photos, we decided that it'd be fun to meet up in Island Park, Idaho while they were on a trip to Yellowstone National Park together. I got REALLY excited when they also said they'd be willing to get up before the sun came up and catch that gorgeous morning light!

5 Tips for Engagement Photos You'll Love | Montana Wedding Photography

There's so much that goes into the wedding planning process, and it all starts the moment that ring slips on your finger. An Engagement Session has become a "must-have" on that big old list, and for good reason I think! So before you run off and get your engagement photos done in a hurry to check it off your list, take these tips into consideration so that your session is one that you LOVE.

Ashley + George | Montana Engagement Session | Bitterroot Valley

"It was pretty casual and thoughtless at first, just an introduction, a little flirting and conversation that eventually led us to gain respect and an interest to learn more about each other. By the end of the night, it occurred to me that I may have found the girl I'd always dreamed of and wondered even existed..."

Valentine's Day Proposal | Montana Wedding Photography | Lacey + Caleb

There really, truly, isn't much that I love more than proposal shoots!! Anytime anyone calls me up about photographing their engagement I turn into that middle school girl who just got asked to the school dance by her crush - giddy with excitement, slightly obsessive, with a serious case of perma-grin...

Montana Winter Engagement Session | Bitterroot Valley | Ciara + Shane

I get excited about pretty much anyone getting engaged, but Ciara isn't just anyone. She and I have been friends for years now, and the fact that she found someone who brings out the sunshine in her like Shane does makes me so unbelievably happy!

These two share a deep love for ....